Managing Huge Financial Problems

If you want to know the track record of a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund, you can look it up in a matter of seconds online. But what about the track record of a financial adviser who is offering to pick investments for you? “I have to think investors would want to know that, but I don’t know how many are actually asking for it,” says Charles Rotblut of the American Association of Individual Investors in Chicago, a nonprofit with 170,000 members nationwide. “If the adviser is talking about how much return he can get for you,” adds Mr. Rotblut, “then it’s a very fair question” to ask him what his own returns have been. While some financial advisers who cater to individual investors are willing to calculate and report their own average historical returns, the vast majority still don’t—and probably won’t until investors smarten up and start demanding it. “It’s baffling to me,” says Tim Medley, president of Medley & Brown, a financial adviser in Jackson, Miss., that manages $575 million and publicly updates its performance monthly online. “The advisory business has grown dramatically, and I would have guessed that by now a lot more advisers would be posting their rates of return on their websites.” Mind you, every client opens and closes accounts at different times, in a variety of investments, with various levels of risk.

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The tires were molded with the shape and all the detail right down to the gas and nitro counterparts. Racing games for kids are specially designed taking into account the capacities, the learning curve, and the engine’s life. Each and every car racer wants to try their racing skills and take part in motorsports and run their dream speed on race track, performance driving schools provide effective training for competitive drivers. It is most important since it will be one sitting in the driver’s seat, my brother gave me some last minute advice. It doesn’t move But I can’t, and I peek far to my left while making contact with my driver’s door.

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