Pheromones Desire

Pheromones have been put in your mind. It’s a pheromone representation that you’ve tried on. And you had a reaction. Okay, so this is about returning control on that scale of desire to repulsion. So, then you want to do that. And then you want to take a 7, a girl that you would feel on a scale of 1 to 10 as a 7, and you want to play with the -10 to +10 scale of repulsion to pheromonal desire and get it to where you’re repulsed by her. And then get it to where ‘Oh my god, you got to have this woman. Learn about pheromones at and
Desire from Pheromones
She’s the greatest thing ever. She’s amazing and hot. If you don’t get her, it’s going to be a big deal. Or if you do get her, it’s going to be a great deal.’ Do that as well. Now take a 10, a very good-looking woman, and be repulsed by her. You’re going to have to scale it. There’s going to be some stuff there that you have to change. You will have to make her overweight..  Check out pheromones at
Whatever you got to do with that mental representation to be like ‘Ahhh no… I’m repulsed now.’ You may be wondering ‘But how am I going to do that? Because when I’m looking at somebody l still know what they look like’. Great question, I went through the same thing. It comes from… First of all, if you don’t get it to begin with, it does come with practices of pheromone attraction. 
It might help you to imagine things that you can’t actually verify. For example, you know, imagining a fever blister on somebody’s lip. Well, if you’re looking at it and you know it’s not there, that might interfere. It doesn’t interfere with me anymore, because I have a lot more control over this. But it did at first. So you might consider that there is an open sore on her gums that you can’t see, but you know… you’re just imagining it. Or, you know, there’s a rash down there and you don’t know… So you may have to work with things that are hidden with true pheromones.
But I don’t foresee you really having a problem with that. If you do have a problem with that, it’s probably because you’ve skipped all of the earlier stuff. The smaller stuff, working up to the larger pheromone spray. By the time you actually begin doing this with people, you shouldn’t have this problem.
But just in case you do, that’s one thing that you can do, is imagine stuff that can be actually visually verified. And what you’re actually doing is: If you can’t do that, then you’ve actually got a little bit more of a difficulty, because you aren’t separating your own reality from the physical reality.
And this pheromone exercise will actually help with that as well. But back up or do things that you can actually verify. Now, so far we’ve only done desire. So desire and repulsion.

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