Leather Thigh High Boots

Britney’s all “decked in lace and leather,” and the leather is definitely a hit (hit her one more time!). Leather thigh high boots are the trend this year, giving off a dash of daring along with classic sophistication. Taller knee or calf high boots are usually considered more conservative, but thigh highs are definitely edgy. The thing is, even though they are a bit out-there as far as every day wear goes, they have gained mainstream appeal because of the growing number of famous celebs who are rocking them. Anyone who has seen the Kardashian sisters will know that they love heir thigh high Louboutins and they wear them on shopping trips as well as big nights out. They can complement a woman’s outfit and lend her an air of sensuality, speaking out without being overly sexually provocative. There’s a line between being loud and being vulgar.
It’s important that you choose genuine leather thigh high boots rather than thigh high boots made of patent leather, which has too shiny of a gloss and comes off as looking cheap. In contrast, real leather looks amazing and is anything but cheap. You can choose from classic tones like the black or brown, or venture into the more exotic colors such as yellow, blue, olive green and gray. Your choices will normally be determined based on what kind of style you’re going for. Olive green evokes a sophisticated, classic look while, on the other hand, dark black is perfect for rocker sensibility. Make sure to wear them extra tight! If you want to push the boundaries a bit further, you can experiment with a more futuristic look. Wound and bound leather drawn from dominatrix and cyberpunk influences makes a bold statement, perhaps a commentary on the future direction of our society. 
Leather thigh high boots aren’t the only thigh highs out there. Suede is also a great choice of fabric for thigh high, and it has a wider palette of colors to choose from including the usual suspects like black and brown as well as more vibrant colors like plum and maroon. Fitted suede thigh highs are great for a classy look, and if you want to turn some heads (in a good way), then you can experiment with different hues or additional details like laces. But a note about thigh high boots—they’re meant to complement your outfit, not to comprise it. If you’re going to wear the boots, you still need to wear a skirt, shorts, pants, or anything that’d you normally wear for a bottom. Boots should not replace the essentials by any means.
Celebrities who are rocking the leather thigh high boots these days are Rihanna, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Ashanti, Halle Berry, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Shakira, Ciara, and Jennifer Hudson. The thigh high trend is definitely catching on and making a kick in the celebrity fashion world, and it’s already begun to spread among the public as well.
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